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Learning Lab Life

  • 4 days a week for 5 hours a day

  • 4 sections a day: Welcome, Acquire, Build, Connect

  • 2 optional field trips a month (parents attend)

  • 4 Quarterly student presentations


Weekly Christlike Attribute

We start the day by gathering to discuss an attribute of Christ that the children chose to focus on that week.  Next we go over their goals for the day and any support they feel they may need from each other.  


Mastery Based Instruction

Using online and physical resources the children use this time to acquire the basics that they have chosen based on their builds, (ie reading, retelling, responding, writing, grammar, handwriting, typing, math, etc). Their goals are evaluated and updated on a regular basis.  


Project Based Learning

Children complete builds of their own choosing from 4 areas: intellectual, physical, social and spiritual.  They use the skills they are developing during acquire to complete their builds.  Progress is assessed and documented in a portfolio.  They will also exhibit their progress at 4 quarterly presentations. 


Where Learning Becomes Relevant

Using the community around us and the Roots of Knowledge stain glass as our guide, the children explore time periods, people, or inventions related to their builds.  As a group we learn about and discuss how science, social studies, past and present is relevant to us and our day.  

Field Trips

Family Field Trips are Optional

Based on what the children are learning we will choose different field trips throughout the year. Parents are required and family is encourage to attend as this is a prime opportunity to bond with your children through education.  

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