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Is the Learning Lab a good fit for your family? 


Our christian based microschool is a supplemental resource.  We assist parents in building family bonds through educational independence by providing individualized instruction to 8-12 year olds in three areas...



Values and Priorities 

ABCs: Acquire basic skills using varied curriculum based off of needs for various builds.  Builds are passion projects unique to each child for which they, with any needed guidance,  are responsible for planning, preparation, completion, presentation and evaluation. Connect learning to the real world via in class instruction and/or virtual and in person field trips.

Assessment: Project and Portfolio based.  The learning lab does not administer any standardized tests since each child is working at their own pace. 

Attendance: Families are responsible for attendance. 

Curriculum: It is a mixture of online and printed resources based on the child's desires and needs. 

Dress Code: Out attire shows our respect to ourselves and the work we are doing. 

End of Year Goals: By the end of the year the children will be able to govern their own learning.  By utilizing the ABCs (Acquire, Build, Connect) they have increased their confidence, communication, creativity, responsibility, basic skills and knowledge. 

Family Involvement: We empower parents to bond with their children through education with bi-monthly field trips, monthly progress reports, and quarterly student presentations. 

Lab Management: We utilize natural consequences and allow space and guidance for children to regulated themselves and evaluate options for the next time a difficult situations arise. 

Pick up/drop off: We are prompt and respectful of each other's and the neighbors time.

Payment: Registration fee will count towards 1st tuition payment. Tuitions can be paid in full or monthly payments.  Extra materials must be acquired by child/family.  

Respect: We respect ourselves, others and the property around us by using our words with a calm face, voice and body. 

Responsibility: We are empowered because we are responsible for our own actions and learning. 

Spirituality: This is a Christ centered non-denominational learning environment. 

Technology: Technology is our tool not our master.

Why do I keep seeing birds?

We believe that traditional standards based education is a good model for a lot of people.  Much like the ocean is a great fit for many different types of fish. Yet, there are some in the traditional model that struggle to swim in this ocean because they're not fish.  They're birds.  We help them in the water by giving them fins, goggles and oxygen masks.  Yet, what they really need is to learn how to fly not swim. That is why a bird is our mascot.  We are teaching birds how to fly in this project based/portfolio assessed model. 

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