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Why Start a Family Field Trip Community?

This has been a long journey. One that started as a little girl. My older sister and I would play school and she would always be the teacher. “Grr!” That upset me. “Someday,” I thought, “I’ll show you and become a real teacher.” Fast forward a few years and I did.  It was a great joy of my life. Teaching is my calling. It is my greatest passion and motivates my every action.

After 10 years of teaching, I had gotten married and started a family. I knew I couldn’t be both a mom and public-school teacher so I became a full-time mom. (My hat goes off to all those teachers with families at home. You rock!!). Naturally, I used all my professional knowledge and skills with my family as we went on our adventures.

When it came time to send them to school, I strongly considered home school. In the end, for various reasons, I sent them to public school. We did do a year of home-school in 2020 during the pandemic and it was awesome. I really enjoyed my time with my kids and the things we learned together. Sadly, I think I did it wrong. I brought public school home and that just caused me to burn out. So, the next year they went back to public school.

After these years of experiences, the idea of a community of learners started to develop. It began with a local election. One of the candidates revealed that there could be more of a community feel in our city. I felt compelled to help. I like to gather people together and I like learning. What better reason to gather than to connect while developing yourself and those you love. So, I started organizing some neighborhood groups. It has been great. Many people are coming and learning together, but these groups don’t have a very wide reach. I wanted to make a real difference in a larger community and I wasn’t sure how.

At the same time I was organizing these neighborhood groups, my husband was toying around with the idea of starting a family business. I quickly realized that a degree in education does not prepare one for the business world. Stumbling upon BYU Pathway – a pathway to a college degree - I decided to apply. I planned to get a business certificate so I could better assist my husband’s vision.

During the second semester we did a group project about starting a business. The light bulb went off and I realized I could start a business to reach more people and build a larger community of learners. Family Field Trip Fun was born.

Family Field Trip Fun has and will continue to go through many changes. My hope is that we will continue to grow into a thriving community where everyone feels welcome and supported in our efforts to bond with our children through education. Being a deliberate parent is difficult and I feel it was never meant to be done alone. Come join us.

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