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2nd SS - Field Trip Question Cards/Bookmarks

2nd SS - Field Trip Question Cards/Bookmarks


Field Trip Question Cards Bundle for 2nd Grade Social Studies: Culture, Citizenship, Geography, Financial Literacy


Connect your family activities to what your child is learning in school.  These Field Trip Question Cards focus on what your 2nd Grader is learning about in the four Social Studies strands: Culture, Citizenship, Geography and Financial Literacy


They outline:

1) the goal of the curriculum

2) questions you can ask that tie into the curriculum

3) vocabulary words they are working on

4) field trip ideas (For more information about the suggested field trips, there may be a blog about our experiences there on the website.)


It comes in a downloadable PDF format to carry with you either as a paper copy or kept on your phone.   


Use it to plan a field trip or to just keep handy as you are out-and-about to remind yourself of things to ask and point out. 

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