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Family Field Trip Fun

Where Family Time and Education Meet

Family Field Trip Fun empowers parents to build family bonds by including education in their family adventures.

Family in the kitchen

Soar to New Heights in the LEARNING LAB!

Empowering kids to govern their own education with the support of family. 

Question Cards

Make school learning relevant in everyday life with a well placed question based off the curriculum they are learning at school. 

  • K - 2nd Grade Social Studies curriculum in question format:

    • Culture

    • Geography

    • Citizenship

    • Financial Literacy

  • Field trip ideas on back

  • Digital download  more.

Culture Question Card Example...

Child: "Hey, look the garbage truck."

Parent: "Yes, look at how that big truck picks up the garbage. Do you think they've always had big garbage trucks like that?"

Child: "Sure."

Parent: "Actually, a long time ago they would have to lift up the garbage cans into the truck by hand.   Do you think you're strong enough to pick up the garbage can?"

Child: "No way!"

Parent: "Are you glad things have changed?"

Child: "Yes"

Parent: "Can you imagine anything else that might have changed about garbage?"


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Welcome to the Family Field Trip Fun Community. 

So full of great information and ideas! I love that you can easily integrate ideas and questions into your discussions with your kids to help them make real world connections to what they are learning at school. Plus the endless list of field trips around Utah is priceless! Helpful for both Utah newbies and those of us who have been around a while and still don't know all the treasures our state holds.

Kailin Naseath


My Story


I taught in public education for 10 years and I loved it.  Teaching is my passion and calling in life.  My favorite form of teaching is a one on one, hands on experience.

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